To tread the sharp edge of a sword
To run on smooth-frozen ice,
One needs no footsteps to follow.
Walk over the cliffs with hands free.


Hi. I'm a Bournemouth based digital strategist and leader of people. I help companies conceptulise, design, build and manage digital products.

With a professional background spanning multi-award winning companies in Publishing, Radio, Agency and Startup environments I've built my career in a variety of roles and industries and have gained a unique skillset whilst being fluid and responsive to change.

My focus is on using innovation to inspire project teams to create user-centric digital experiences that are functional, usable, and really nice to look at - but more importantly: that achieve their goals.

As you can see, I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty.


If you want to collaborate and bring your amazing ideas to life…

Let me know.

Leadership, Digital Strategy