Makeup Portfolio Websites

I have to admit I love working on these and there’s one in particular I’m especially proud of, so I’m going to break down what I did just a little.

I’ve been working with Makeup Artists in Bournemouth for a while now and there’s something really enjoyable about creating such visual websites. Letting their work shine whilst also maintaining good SEO and site speeds though – that can be a challenge.

To begin with ask yourself… How many Makeup websites have you seen that look like this when you navigate them?

JennyD website screenshot

That was our starting point. Not a bad website by any stretch. There’s a logo, navigation, images, a bit of text here and there along with a separate pages for biography and contact info. All standard stuff and as a general portfolio that’s not actually all that bad.

But as a marketing tool to get new business in there’s simply not enough going on – and it takes too many clicks for the potential customer to get to where they need to be to get in touch.

Consider the images…. These were split across three gallery pages labelled ‘Brides’, ‘Makeup’ and ‘Hair.’ There was some fantastic work held within but to properly look through the site would mean viewing five separate pages at a minimum and when I checked out local competitors guess what…. they all had websites with galleries containing lovely images too. There were logos, navigation, a bit of text here and there and contact info.

They were all, essentially, the same. The good ones anyway. But as a prospective client how am I going to decide between Jenny and others? All of the websites sold the end result, not the person I’d be booking and after a lot of clicking around all I’d really have to go off was who’s images I liked the most and how they replied to contact requests for quotes. Ultimately I’d have no idea of the service I’d get on the day or the person I’d be dealing with without making a phone call.

Knowing Jenny I understood that her USP wasn’t just her skill at makeup, it was her. And what her website wasn’t doing was telling her story or getting her personality across, so we changed things fairly radically.

You can see the end result to the left, redesigned to encourage the following interaction…

To do this I distilled the separate pages into homepage sections that got across the core info and required more detailed reading only when the customer wanted it.

  1. Intro / about Jenny.
  2. Reviews.
  3. Services.
  4. Locations covered.
  5. Gallery
  6. Process.
  7. Pricing.
  8. Contact

These eight sections flow naturally towards the contact form and give a full picture of who Jenny is, what she can do, how she does it, where, and how much it costs – all within one page.

There are still separate pages with more detailed biography information, details about what happens on the day along with larger galleries – but the homepage efficiently informs and flows towards generate leads, providing the information a customer needs without wasting their time, colours text and images aim to make an emotional connection and it makes getting in touch much easier.

Better yet; It works brilliantly with enquiries up by almost double in the first month after launch.


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