Light’s on Door’s open

but do they know you're home?

What I do...

I help business owners like you tell your story online, making sure you get the most out of Digital through websites that look good and make you money.

I cover four main areas: Project Management, Technical SEO, Strategy, Story Telling, Design and Build. OK that's five main areas, or six if you're really counting but I don't do it all at once and only focus on what you need.

How I do it

You may expect me to detail some kind of clever process here or for me to talk about how I synergistically do something or other to help you achieve digital nirvana as we Hustle together.

No. the fact is that, honestly, 90% of what I do is around getting to know your brand. That means things like what's worked for you in the past (and what hasn't) along with what you need for the future and what makes you unique. Then I apply my knowledge. (Math's geeks and those good with numbers will recognise this as the remaining 10% - but it's a very powerful 10%).

There must be more?

Of course there is! I’m a thinker, leader, and doer. I love to uncover big ideas and apply digital thinking to, sigh, do we really need to do this here?

It's difficult to present the breadth of my 15 years' experience in a pithy sentence or two and I don't want anyone stealing my secrets.

A good chunk of my work actually arrives by word of mouth or personal referral so I don't tend to go big on shouting about how awesome I am* and if you're reading this there's a good chance it's only because you got curious about the domain after I sent you an email. (Hi)

If you want to know more about what I do and how, you're going to have to get in touch :)

Who have I worked with?

A lot of my work has been done behind in the scenes or in secret, but I can say that I had a super time working on projects for these brands. (There are more of course, I just need to go through the arduous process of finding and resizing logos).

What did they say?

They counted on me to 'get it done already' and loved to find out 'what on earth are you doing' - oh we did have a laugh or two along the way.

We've had worse advice.

Al E.Gater
Cheap day rate.

Dinah Mite
Who are you?

Jack Pott
Got there in the end.

Barry D.Hatchett
One of my favourite children.


What do I say?

Every now and then I have something to say too. When I do, it'll appear here

Still want to get in touch?